Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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MAP - Essaouira, Model City for Cultural Indicators of UNESCO's 2030 Program - HM the King's Advisor
(AMAN 2022-04-04)

Essaouira's Achievements on World Heritage Lists: 'Contract of Co-ownership, Co-responsibility' - André Azoulay
( 21 December 2021

Audrey Azoulay à la tête se l’UNESCO..Une victoire à l’arrachée!
La releve ma  2017-10-14

André Azoulay reçoit le Pomgranate Award à New York
La Tribune 1 April 2017

Salle comble à New York pour fêter l’exceptionnelle proximité entre l’Islam et le Judaïsme au Maroc - 31 mars, 2017 à 15:37

Audrey Azoulay candidate à la direction générale de l'Unesco. Franceinfo 16/03/2017

Mediterranean Foundation awards Azoulay to the title of "Bringer of Peace" ( 28.10.2014)

The city of Marseille as European Capital of Culture 2013, has awarded its Peace Medal to André Azoulay, "citizen ambassador of the Mediterranean." Le 05.04.2013.

In 2008 André Azoulay was elected president of the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures.

It is a network of civil society organisations dedicated to promoting intercultural dialogue in the Mediterranean region.

It was set up in 2005 by the governments of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Euromed), a political agreement made in 1995 between the European Union and Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Syria and Turkey.

It is named in honour of Anna Lindh, the Swedish Foreign Minister who was murdered in 2003. The name was put forward by Egypt at a meeting 25 September 2003.
The Foundation’s headquarters are in Alexandria in Egypt.

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André Azoulay

André Azoulay (أندري أزولاي born 17 April 1941) is a senior adviser to king Mohammed VI of Morocco. He previously advised Mohammed's father, king Hassan II. He currently presides over the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures, based in Alexandria, Egypt. He is also President of the Executive Committee of the Foundation for the Three Cultures and the Three Religions, based in Seville, Spain, a founding member of the C-100 Davos Forum for the Dialogue of Civilisations and religions, and was formerly Executive Vice-President of the BNP Paribas, Paris.

Born in Essaouira, in 1941 to a Moroccan berber Jewish family, André Azoulay was educated in Paris where he studied economics, journalism and international relations. Previously to his current position as Counsellor to the King of Morocco, Azoulay, had a long career within the Paribas Bank in Paris (1968 to 1990) where, as Executive Vice-President, he covered the Middle East and North Africa Regions as well as heading the bank’s Public Affairs department.

As Counsellor of the late King Hassan II from (1991 to 1999), and since then of king Mohammed VI, André Azoulay has largely contributed to the implementation of economic reforms, which have been applied throughout the kingdom since their inception in the early 1990s. He also played a significant role in the privatisation and deregulation programs which began in 1993. He emphasized the need for sustaining the role of the private sector and encouraging the international investment to sustain economic growth in Morocco. Azoulay has also largely contributed to promote Morocco throughout the world.



With his wife Katia, also born in Essaouira, who published 2 books "Essaouira-Mogador : Parfums d’Enfance" and "Essaouira-Mogador : Passion partagée", he is the architect of the renaissance of the city they both hold very dear to their hearts. André Azoulay is fervent in the promotion and revival of his home town which has a specific place in the historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of Morocco.
He is the founder President of the Association Essaouira-Mogador which has established since 1992 an original approach to the durable development based on its cultural diversity and spiritual legacy.

Essaouira is justly proud to host seven music festivals a year, ranging from classical to lyrical. They include the renowned Gnawa and World Music Festival, the Chamber Music with "le Printemps Musical des Alizés" and the rich Judeo-Muslim repertoire of Andalusian-Atlantic Festival, a unique event in the world inviting on the same stage, every year, poets, musicians and singers, Muslims and Jews, to keep alive and to perform their common heritage and legacy

J’ai tant de choses à vous dire: André AZOULAY - VIDEO 2MTV
I have so much to tell you: André AZOULAY



Photo of André Azoulay at the Simon Attias synagogue

Photo of Mr André Azoulay at the Simon Attias synagogue

ESSAOUIRA, L'UNIE CITE (Mag Orient 11 november 2018)

#SANSFILTRE Episode 3: André Azoulay le sage de Mogador ( oct 21 2017)


Association Essouira Mogador

The Association Essaouira Mogador was founded at the initiative of André Azoulay souiri and activists in 1992. It first took the name "Association for the Protection and Promotion of Essaouira" (ASPDE), becoming in 1997 to become the Association Essaouira / Mogador.


  • Safeguarding social and economic heritage
  • Ensuring preservation of the heritage and urban culture of the city
  • The promotion of the city and its region
  • The reinforcement of economic structure and local infrastructure
  • Strengthening of the privilege of friendship and solidarity among members of the association
  • Insurer cooperation associations "with the same objectives at local, national and international levels
  • The preparation of dossiers and issues concerning the Sustainable Development of the city and the region.


Mr Andre Azoiuöay dressed in a tarboosh  طربوش‎,

Mr Andre Azoulay traditionally dressed in a fez (tarboosh طربوش‎)




André Azoulay (

Entretien avec André Azoulay, président de la fondation Anna Lindh

:Seeberg, Peter; Michele Pace (2007). "Meddling or Muddling with the Mediterranean? French, Spanish and Italian Foreign Policy Making Towards the "South"". EU and the Mediterranean : Foreign Policy and Security. University Press of Southern Denmark. p. 136. ISBN 978-87-7674-220-1.

Morocco king's Jewish aide urges Israel to adopt Saudi peace plan
Andre Azoulay: Arab public views Israel as the party responsible for preventing peace, not the Arabs.

«2000 ans de vie juive au Maroc» - Azoulay : «Le judaïsme marocain signe une nouvelle page de son histoire» (Article | dim, 17/06/2012 - 20:23

L’appel d’André Azoulay au dialogue entre religions et cultures,

Le conseiller du roi marocain accusé d’être un « collaborateur sioniste »

André Azoulay à Paris : «Le Maroc est riche de la partie juive»

La Fondation Méditerranée décerne à Azoulay le titre de "Porteur de la paix" ( Oct28 2014)

André Azoulay reçoit le Prix Nord-Sud (Liberation 23122014)

André Azoulay : L'universalité miroir de l'histoire du Maroc
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André Azoulay met en exergue à Montréal les liens séculaires entre l'Islam et le Judaïsme au Maroc ( 21/06/2015 )

André Azoulay, la force tranquille ( 28/08/2015)

André Azoulay: "L'islam marocain est à la fois moderne et engagé contre la radicalisation"
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André Azoulay