Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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.......a village on the south side of the river Oued Ksob about 4 km from Essaouira.

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Café Jimi Henrix in Diabet
Café Hendrix in Diabat is a famous place,
an oasis for tourists and locals.

The mosque in Diabet

During the reign of Sultan Sidi Mohammed
Ben Abdallah
(1757-1790) a mosque was constructed. Also a wall for protection with its only door in front of the mosque.
The inhabitants of Diabat lived close to the sea and the bay and was used by the Sultan to fight the pirates. For this task they were supplied with goods and military services.
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In 1626 the French Cardinal Richelieu sent his envoyé Chevalier Isaac de Rasilly (1587 - 1635) to occupy the Island of Mogador. He also wanted the Fench to trade with the Diabat people.
He found the island not defendable and not suitable for a base for further Antlantic expeditions.

Diabet Walking Tour

The Landmark "Khalb"
The village Diabet
Dar Sultan
and Bordj El Oued


Diabet 2005 with ruined bridge

The village of Diabat 2005 with the remains of the old bridge,

The ruined old bridge with Dar Soultan on the other side of the river

The river Oued Ksob with the Dar Soultan in the fond

The Rose bridge Photo from 2005

Le pont Rose,
which was constructed in 1927 by Cussot ,
when the older bridge became useless
caused by the change of the flow of the river Oued Ksob.

The Rose bridge

The "Cussot " bridge had 12 arches.


The old Diabet bridge

The ruins of the old bridge in Diabet

The old bridge to Diabet

The old bridge to Diabet

Diabet The new bridge

The new bridge over the river Oued Ksob







Plan Azur Vision 2010

King Mohammed VI launched in 2001 the “The Plan Azur Vision 2010” strategic tourism development program which in the area of Diabet this development will measure in the region of 5,700.000 m2. The main features of this development are sure to be the two Gary Player golf courses. One of 36 holes the other 18. The hotels, riads, villas, golf academy and practice course are laid out along the two spectacular courses facing the sea.

This vast aera from the village of Diabet west to the sea and south is unfortunately now fenced and not accessible. A new village is created called " La station Mogador-Essaouira"

Anyway the Plan Azur also has the objective of improving the infra structure. A new bridge over the river Oued Ksob and road to Diabet and also a motorway to Ounara and further on to Marrakech is under construction.

Map of Diabet Golf district

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