Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Walls, Fortifications and Gates of the Medina

The walls, gates, towers and bastions forming the fortifications of Essaouira are historic monuments by the Dahir of 30 August 1924.

And since 2001, the Medina is classified World Heritage by UNESCO.

18th century

The plan of the toen Essaouira by Theodore Cornut in 1767

Plan of Mogador by Théodore Cournut 1767
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The Kasbah of Mogador by Theodore Cornut in 1767

The Kasbah (Casbah)

Walls of the medina

More pictures gateways here!

See also Scala the port! and Scala the kasbah!

Bab Laachour

Bab Laachour

West Bastion of the Medina walls

West ramparts

The coastal ramparts (west)

Scala the Kasbah

Scala the Kasbah

The coastal wall and  the door Bab Bahar

The coastal wall and the door Bab Bahar

Scala Marin Tower
Ramparts south
Scala the Port Marine



Walls Mellah

Walls of the medina Borj Mellah

Walls of the medina  Mellah

Remparts mellah

Walls of the medina Mellah

The Ramparts

The ramparts of the medina

The ramparts of the medina

Renovation of town walls

Outer town wall renovated

Renovation of the town wall (2013 Bab Doukkala)


The stronghold of Scala the Kasbah

The Scala Bastion


Scala the kasbah


Scala the kasbahScala the Kasbah 1910



Scala the port

Scala the port with small island

Scala the port fortification with small island borj

The bastion marine



Bordj Mellah at Bad Doukkala

Borj Mellah

Pour l´environment et le civisme

Sign at the Borj Mellah tower asking for
protection of the historic monuments.



Bab Doukkala

Bab Doukkala

Bab Doukala Jewish cemetery

Bab Doukkala  - Entrance to  the  battery on first floor



The South Bastion

Pictures of the terrace of the south Bastion - Bab Marrakech you can find here! (External link)

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Walls and Gates
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