Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Cultural and historical heritage in danger


Today, the old walled medina is threatened by processes which have been set in motion by both natural and anthropogenic causes. Salt-water intrusion, land subsidence, coastal erosion and overexploitation of water resources contribute in particular to the degradation of the urban context. Protection of the surroundings of Essaouira's ecosystem is a condition for its survival.

Source: Urban Development and Freshwater Resources. UNESCO, 1996.
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Action plan for integrated town development: priorities:

Remmparts of medina Scala Essaouira

Ramparts of the medina of Essaouira
and Scala of the Kasbah

Remparts of Medina Mellah Essaouira

Ramparts of the Medina vers Mellah



1. Restoration of the Medina and feasibility study of a wave-breaker project far from the historic Medina, in order to stop the progressive coastal erosion;

.Walls of the medina

.The Sea


Mellah Essaouira Medina



2. Temporary relocation of endangered families still living in the houses next to the wall;

3. Rehabilitation of the historic habitat through the creation of various activities and the delivery of sanitary equipment into the Medina, in order to help the most disadvantaged families;

The Dunes at Scala

Dunes at Plage Safi


4. Protection and re-establishment of the dunal coastal environment;

5. Prevention of contamination in sea and freshwater environment;

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Danisih Consulate

The Danish Consulate

6. Rehabilitation of the three historical monuments of the city (Danish Consulate and the two Scalas of the port).

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The Danish Consulate

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The Scala of the Port

The Scala of Kasbah

The historical monuments of Essaouira are marked by a rather original architecture.
It combines the Arab-Muslim art in European architecture of the Renaissance.
In addition, Essaouira is the only Moroccan medina, where streets are straight and intersect at right angles.

Some of the historical monuments in Essaouira are:

The walls, tours and doors of the medina
Scala Kasbah
Skala Port
Dar sultan el Mahdouma
Borj el Oued
The citadelle Mohamédia
The village Diabet
The prison on the island Mogador
The Lighthouse of Sidi Mogdoul
The Palace of Justice
The Danish consulate
The Portugeese church
Dar el Makhzen
The Jewish historical sites

Essaouira - Mogador Noir et Blanc
Sous les vents de Mogador




Cultural and historical
heritage in danger

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