Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Sept Naknafa

Sabt Naknafah

Map of Essaouira region Tidzi Naknafa

Naknafa ia situated about 40 km south-east of Essaouira in
a mountainous regions at the the river banks of Oued Ksob.


Dromedar with straw

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The spring

Naknafa spting water


The water is said to cure from kidney stones.

Naknafa spring

A dam is built near so this valley will be filled with water in a couple of years.

Naknafa springs

Naknafa springs

The ruins of the Kasbah
built by Caïd M'barek


The ruins of the kasbah in Naknafa is situated on a strategic hill overlooking the valleys of the river Oued Ksob.

The patrician house of Anflous turned into rubble by bombing in 1912 which brought an end not only the caid Anflous, but short caïdale as a whole.


Satellit picture of the ruins at Naknafa

Satellite picture of the ruins of the Kasbah, Inside the walls there were quarters, mosques, prison...etc.

naknafa Caid riuns


Naknafa Caid riuns

Naknafa Caid riuns Quibla of the mosque

At the entrance of the kasbah there is a mosque with the quibla

.Naknafa Caid riuns

All decorations and stones from the portals is taken are taken away.

Naknafa Caid riuns  Fajance


A falcon at the sight



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