Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Plage Iftane (Ifthane)

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Plage Iftane

Caves in plage Iftane

Plage Iftane

Iftane is a small fishing village

The boats is drawn on the beach with the tides.

South of Iftan beach there is the Marabout of Sidi Ahmed Essayeh.


Sidi Ahmed Essayeh has a arid (0.05 - 0.2 p/pet) climate. The land area is not cultivated, most of the natural vegetation is still intact. The landscape is mostly covered with mosaic croplands/vegetation. The climate is classified as a mid-latitude steppe (mid-latitude dry), , with a subtropical thorn woodland biozone . The soil in the area is high in luvisols, cambisols (lv), soil with clay-enriched lower horizon, high cec, and high saturation of bases

Marabout,plage très belle,dunes de sable,sources d'eau douce.
Coordinates: 31°10'43"N 9°49'2"W

The story of the 2 brothers Essayeh.

Ahmed told Ali, his brother, to go and fetch a bucket of water from the sea. When he came back with it says Ahmed pointing at the water in the bucket. "This water is still but the water in the sea is moving" From this day Ali moved up to the mountains where he lived til his dead.
See Djebel Hadid and the shrine of Sidi Ali Saih (Saïeh)Essayeh



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Plage Iftane