Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Zaouia Akermoud

The souk in Akarmoud is on Saturdays
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Tomb of Sidi Wasman

Sidi Wasman

Tomb of Sidi Wasman



The tomb of Sidi Ouasmin (Wassman,Wassmane, Wasmen,Wasmin,Ouasmine )


The Daour (tour) of Regraga visit the tombs of 44 saints, and among thoose Sidi Ouasmine on the 18th day of the 39 days Daour..

Sidi Ouasmin is "the sultan of Regraga" and it was the prophet who gave him the title and ordered him to leave his companions to convert Chiadma.


The entry to the tomb of Sidi Wasman


The Douar Sidi Ouasmin is situated about 6 km from
the souk Akarmoud in the mountains of Djebel Hadid.


Douar Sidi Wasman

    Ouled Sidi Bou Chta Regragui (Safi region) Soufism Music Tambours and ghaita


Bhiba beach and fishing village

Bhibah (Bhaybah, Id Biba Bhibah,B7ayba7)
The beach and the fishing village is situated about 5 km from Akarmoud souk.

KItesurf spot
The beach consists of two lagoons. The one to the left (facing the sea) is larger and has big waves coming to it. One to the right has the small fishermen village on it's farthest right side, and has flatter water. Perfect soft sand, no rocks, pebbles, corals. Plenty of space to launch.

The windiest time is June to August. Wind is generally N-NW sideshore, but because the spot has two lagoons, depending on where you ride you can have from sideoffshore to sideonshore. The wind generally blows through the fishermen village, but it's very small (4 to 5 houses, and the coast isn't high), therefore not very gusty. The wind is weak compared to other places like Sidi Kaouki or Moulay, so this spot is a good solution when the wind everywhere else is too strong for kiting. When the wind is 40 knots in Moulay and Sidi Kaouki - it's 20-24 knots in Biba. Wind is gustier during the day and getting more even at approx. 6 pm


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A9RMOUD, Akermoud, bhibah,

Zawiyat Qarmud, Zawiat aguermoud,
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