Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Foreign consulates
in Mogador

The consulat of Denmark

There is a project proposed by the local UNCHS/Habitat group aimed at restoring and rehabilitating the Danish Consulate, a 18th century building.

The Danish Consulate



The precence of foreign consulates in Mogador was an indication of the importance of its historic trade connections in the 19th century
and gave the town a cosmopolitan nature that still appeal to visitors today.

There were eight foreign consulates in Mogador located in the Kasbah quarter.
Flag of Brazil

Flag of theNetherlands

Flag of UK
Flag of Italy
Flag of Denmark
Flag of Portugal
Flag of France
Flag of Spain



Map of the Medina with the consulates

Map of the medina and the  location of the old consulates The Britsh consulate

The Consulat of Denmark

Flag of Denmark

This is the 17th century building which
was the former Danish consulate.

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The Consulat of the Netherlands

Flag of theNetherlands

The Consulat of Netherlands
19th century

The dutch consulate memory plaque

The Consulat of Portugal

Flag of Portugal

The old Portuguese consulate

The former Portuguese consulate is situated in a dead end street Ibn Zohr next to the old Portuguese church. Both theese object are in need of restauration.

Door of Portuguese consulate

Detail of the door to the former Portuguese consulat

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The Consulat of Brazil

Flag of Brazil

The consulat of Brazil

The house of the former Brazilian consulate
is situated in the corner of Rue Laalouj
and Rue Touahen.

Brazilian Consulate

The office of a Consul is termed a Consulate, and is usually subordinate to the state's main representation in that foreign country, the Embassy.



The Consulat of France

Flag of France

The former French consulate

In Rue Laalouj there is the building of the former French consulate. It is now office for Alliance Franco_Marocaine d´Essaouia.

Alliance Franco_Marocaine d´Essaouira

French Consulate The Plaque

There is a memorial plaque on the house.

In this house where the French consulat was,
the explorer Charles De Foucauld stayed the 28 January coming from the Souss.

Auguste Beaumier was consul of France in Mogador from 1865 to hid death 1876. Read more here ab out his contributions to Mogador culture.

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The Consulat of Spain

Flag of Spain

The Consulat of the British

Flag of UK

Mogador The Britich consulate

The former British Consulat at the corner of Avenue Allal Ben Abdellah and Rue Laalouj . This was also the home of a famous inhabitant of Essaouira;, the adviser of the king to the foreign affairs, André Azoulay . Inside the building there is a courtyard where , it is said, the family produced a Mahia of figs.


The Consulat of Italy

Flag of Italy

The italian consulate

In the Rue Iben Toumarte there is the house
of the former Italian consulate.

The house of the former Italian consulate


Interior Old Italian Consulate




MOGADOR Vue des Consulats

Sight with the consulates in the Kasbah of the medina of Mogador. Buldings with national flags.

consuls and vice-consuls in Mogador 1931

from MOGADOR (Adminstrations et Service Public) Region des Chiadma 1931




Map of Medina

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