Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Hubert Lyautey


Louis Hubert Gonzalve Lyautey (1854 –1934) was the French Military governor 4 Aug 1907 - 28 Apr 1912 and the first French Residents-general in Morocco from 28 Apr 1912 - 25 Aug 1925 and Marshal of France from 1921.



Louis Hubert Lyautey

Louis Hubert Lyautey

The French General Lyautey leaves Mogador 1913

The French General Lyautey leaves Mogador 1913

Magana - the clocktower

Maréchal Lyauthey ordered 1912 to build the clocktower (Magana) in the new Kasbah.


Avenue du Maréchal Lyautey

NEW NAME after independence 1956

Avenue Ogba Ibn Nafii




Sidi Lyautey

Resident-General Lyautey a fervent proponent of indirect colonisation especially in Berber speaking areas, has kept that role and even enhanced it by given an important role to local notabilities such as T'hami El Glaoui, to act as a relay between the population and the French authorities to govern the country.The Makhzen is a very ancient notion in Morocco, it roughly coincides with the notion of the ancien feudalist state predating the French protectorate.

MOGADOR (Maroc) Avenue General Lyautey

MOGADOR (Maroc) Avenue General Lyautey

Marshal Lyautey builder of cities

The Camp Duverger in Mogador

The military Camp Duverger

The return to Mogador of the Brulard and Massoutier columns. From left to right: the air force of Morocco renders the honours-General Brulard-General Franchet d`Esperey- The landing companies of the cruisers Du Chayla and Friant.
Photo: Georges Guerard (Site:



La guerre de Bouguafer 1933 : Histoire maudite des Amazighs





Hubert Lyautey

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