Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Boujemâa Lakhdar (1941 - 1989) Pioneer of Essaouira painting

"I want to remain always astonished, because whenever I finish something, I have the impression to have dragged a secret away from nature."





The magician of the earth

Boujemâa Lakhdar (1941 - 1989)
Pioneer of Essaouira painting

Curator of the Museum of the Popular Arts of Essaouira from 1980 to 1989 the date of his death.

The story of Boujemâa Lakhdar began in the fifties. He was strongly inspired by the popular arts and traditions of Morocco. He is considered as the dean of Essaouira painters. Thanks to his work and his interest in culture, he remains the most prominent artistic personality in Morocco.
From: Boujemâa Lakhdar: Pioneer of Essaouira painting Beyond the walls of Essaouira


Boujemaa Lakhdar


Boujemâa Lakhdar was doing research in different fields: folk magic, folk songs, sculpture, crafts and the history of his town to which he dedicated a special passion.
As an artist, he always surpriced by the creativity and originality of his work. In his sculptures, he introduced with care and flexibility, geometrical figures engraved in copper plates.He returned to basics of symbolic graphics by questioning popular books of magic.


Boujemâa Lakhdar