Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Frédéric Damgaard

(Born March 29, 1937 in Svendborg, Denmark. )

The Art Gallery of Damgaard

The gallery is situated in Avenue Oqba Ibn Nafiaa

The Galerie d’ Art Frederic Damgaard

Mr Frédéric Damgaard fom Denmark, first visited Essaouira during the 60s, the hippie time. When everyone else left, Damgaard stayed and opened the first art gallery in Essaouira 1988. He displays the works of local painters and wood sculptors in his gallery and seems to decorate the gallery in his own unique and inspiring way.

He has strongly contributed to the understanding of the art of local painters and the Essaouiran Gnaoua culture.

Galerie Damgaard is one of Essaouira´s cultural icons, known in European art circles as the home of the Essaouira school of painting.

Frédéric Damgaard parler sur les oeuvres de abdellah elatrach et L'histoire de l'art à la région d'Essaouira.
(Televisio de Catalunya in 2000)


Art historian Frédéric Damgaard was decorated with, La Grande Médaille de Vermeil,2009.
It is to devote the promotion of artists and historical and ethnological research that the French Academy, Sciences-Arts-Culture awarded him the Medal of Vermilion, a distinction very high symbolic value.



  Galerie de Art Frederic Damgaard - Modern Art using Traditional Thuja Techniques ( )


Frédéric Damgaard

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