Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Charles Louis Gustave Bouveret

He was born in 1878 and came from Paris to Mogador in June 1913. He stayed and worked as a doctor until he died 1948. He became a symbol - a saint helping the poor as the rich, Muslims and Jews. During 35 year he founded 2 hospitals, a clinic anti tuberculosis, a medical service for sailors, a "Goutte de lait" and a hygiene office.

La Goutte de lait designates an organization intended to distribute sterilized milk to mothers who cannot breastfeed their child, to provide consultation for infants and to offer maternal education in childcare and hygiene.

Notice in l ´annuaire Marocain 1931
Notice in L´annuaire Marocain, Professions de Mogador 1931

Dr Bouveret


Modern medicine made its debut in Essaouira, to the greater good of the local population.

If anyone deserves to have a street named after them in Essaouira, it is this man of integrity, this benefactor of humanity.

"This is the turning point in the history of medicine in that city because the doctor by his competence, dedication, enthusiasm and availability, has gained the commitment of the local population and area. His work was facilitated in part by advances in medical science, and secondly by the caids of the region.

Bouveret clinic

The clinic Mogador has become the civil hospital and later a Hospital Group consisting of several units: Hospitalized patients separate Muslims, Jews and Europeans, with lodging and food adapted to their habits, and places of worship respectively. Initially, funding was provided by appealing to the feelings of solidarity among elites and populations according to their ability."


Bouveret clinic

"Thanks to his action, infant mortality, which until then had been very high in Mogador, was lowered and the Goutte de lait that he created in collaboration with his wife, he formed a host of nurses in the city. Among the doctors who succeeded him we can mention Dr. Ben Abbès, who became Minister of Health after the independence of Morocco.

When he retired he used his home as a private clinic but all medical procedures were free and for everyone, rich or poor.
When he died people said of him: 'but he is a saint in disguise... he deserves a qoubba like Sidi Magdoul...'" 1)

Nowadays in the former clinic of M. Bouveret there is a riad “Palais des remparts”. Guests of the riad enter the same door that was entered by numerous people who were coming here in search of the help of the kind Doctor. 2)

The grave of Dr Bouveret

The grave of Dr Bouveret at the Christian Cementary Essaouira

1) This text is translated and quoted from : Lahdar Omar -,161608






Dr Bouveret

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