Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Arabic: 'as-sawira
( the well drawn or the small picture
or "fortresse")
Essawira, Es-suira,
as suwayrah,
(Souera), Tassourte
"The pearl of the kingdom"
Formely Mogador

Municipalite d´Essaouira

Coat of arms Essaouira province

Esaouira is a city in the western
Moroccan economic region
of Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz

It is a city and a province

Since 1999 Essaouira
is twinned with
La Rochelle, France

Essaouira has since 1997
a co-operation with the French costal city Saint-Malo and with other cities in the UNESCO project "Urban Development and Freshwater Resources: Small Coastal Cities"
Essaouira has established twinning relationship with Chengdu, China 2012

One of the cities in the Game of thones , Astapor. See Movies





Essaouira - Winner Local Favorite 2015 Award by The Cultural Trip


.. an exotic, wind- and sun-swept
Moroccan city
on the northwest coast of Africa..


Medina of Essaouira

Medina of Essaouira (formerly Mogador)
UNESCO World Heritage, 2001.

UNESCO World Heritage (External link)
Justification for Inscription

Criterion ii
Essaouira is an outstanding and well preserved example of a late 18th century European fortified seaport town translated to a North African context.
Criterion iv
With the opening up of Morocco to the rest of the world in the later 18th century Essaouira was laid out by a French architect who had been profoundly influenced by the work of Vauban at Saint-Malo. It has retained its European appearance to a substantial extent.


Essaouira continue de gagner en notoriété
(Le Matin 2018-01-01)



Essaouira - The entry Barakat Mohammed

Freshpainted pedestrian crossing at the entry of Essaouira town.

Barakat Mohammed

The monument of Barakat Mohammed welcomes its visitors.... it is under renovation, as the roads and streets in all the town....

Reconstruction of the beacdh walls

...and the beach front along Boulevard Mohammed V is getting a new look ..........

.... making the town beautiful for everybody and a royal visit...... For detailed information on the rebuilding works and enhancements
in the town of Essaouira and the Province
See AUESS Reports from 2012 and Action Plans & forecast for 2013/14/15

The Urban Agency of Essaouira
Agence Urbaine d'Essaouira

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The Province of Essaouira

Province d´Essaouira

A wilayah is an administrative division, usually translated as "province" or "governorate". The word comes from Arabic w-l-y 'to govern': a wali 'governor' governs a wilayah 'that which is governed'.

Province d´Essaouira

Explore interesting places in the town of Essaouira and in the Province.


Roadsign in Ghazoua  indicating the distance of 8 km to Essaouira

Road sign in Ghazoua .
There is 8 km to Essaouira
and the village is also called" km 8".


The city of Essaouira was chosen by television "Travels" of Fox Group as one of the top 10 global tourism stops, considered "destinations of happiness."

As the previous economic base of fisheries is in crisis, urban employment is limited to tourism
and handicraft production. This has had severe repercussions on the quality of life and the environment.

Cultural Heritage

The cultural heritage has suffered degradation and continued expansion of the city inland is threatening its fragile ecosystem and the very survival of the town.
Capacity-building efforts focus on setting priorities for action, targeted human resources development, institutional strengthening, development and adaptation of tools, encouraging partnerships, mobilization of resources, and promoting exchange between cities facing similar problems.

Eco System

UN Habitat project and its partners has eveloped action plans, addressing issues such as the protection of the collapsing sea retaining wall and dilapidated city gates, a revitalisation plan for the Mellah area and development of an urban park as a buffer zone between housing estates and a dune forest.
UN Habitat Localising Agenda 21

Mogador, Essaouira Tourism Project

King Mohammed VI launched the “The Plan Azur Vision 2010” strategic tourist development program in January 2001, aiming to make Morocco one of the world’s premier tourist destinations with a target of 10 million visitors in 2010 and to create 600.000 new jobs.
In the area of Diabat this development will measure in the region of 5,700.000 m2. The main features of this development are sure to be the two Gary Player golf courses. One of 36 holes the other 18. The hotels, riads, villas, golf academy and practice course are laid out along the two spectacular courses facing the sea.It also incorporates the upgrading of motorways and roads.

Essaouira expansion to Ghazoua

Because of dune forest and the green belt there is a limit in the expansion of the city towards north and east.

Chaabi Lil Iskane,began the construction of a new city: Essaouira El Jadida in Ghazoua ( 8km south of Essaouira). The small village in the countryside has developed into a residential area with villas, small buildings and businesses.

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Essaouira Mogador Airport
(IATA: ESU, ICAO: GMMI) , inaugurated in 1998,
is situated about 15 km south of the town.


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By bus on the Expressway to  Essaouira

In 2011 the Expressway to Chichaoua was ready connecting
to Superhighways to Casablanca, Marrakech and Agadir.

Essaouira south  east entry from Marrakechan


Extension of Essaouira town southwards.
On top to the right you see the Express road from Marrakech enter the town.

New settlements. South of Essaouira bordering the Duneforest.

Announced at the University of Essaouira in January 2011, "urban renewal program in the province of Essaouira" focuses on the challenges of sustainable development. The quality of life for people, environment and economic dynamics as well considered, beautification and landscaping job in urban centers should be spread over four years and be completed in 2014. The project concerns the town of Essaouira, but also Ounagha, Talmest, and Tamanar, Hanchane. In Essaouira is the entire city from north to south, from east to west, which will be redeveloped.


Association Essouira Mogador

The Association Essaouira Mogador was founded at the initiative of André Azoulay souiri and activists in 1992. It first took the name "Association for the Protection and Promotion of Essaouira" (ASPDE), becoming in 1997 to become the Association Essaouira / Mogador.


  • Safeguarding social and economic heritage
  • Ensuring preservation of the heritage and urban culture of the city
  • The promotion of the city and its region
  • The reinforcement of economic structure and local infrastructure
  • Strengthening of the privilege of friendship and solidarity among members of the association
  • Insurer cooperation associations "with the same objectives at local, national and international levels
  • The preparation of dossiers and issues concerning the Sustainable Development of the city and the region.


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Essaouira march 2012

Scala the Kasbah

The remparts of Essaouira
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Essaouira Medina Sky view

The Scala the Kasbah ans medina
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