Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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The Rivers





River Oued Ksob  in Diabat

Reinforcements at the river Ksob at Diabat to prevent the strong water flow to reach the town of Essaouira


The Eocene marls reliefs are crossed by Oued Ait ou Adil which is a tributary of Oued Ksob. Other oueds in the area are Oued Tidzi and Oued Aghbalou and Oued Tahria

Barrage Igouzoulane

Erosion of rocks by the river Aghbalou
Sidi M'barek permanent waterfalls.
12 km from Sidi Kaouki



Oued,(Wadi) a valley or ravine, bounded by relatively steep banks, which in the rainy season becomes a watercourse, a river.


The Tensift is a river in central Morocco. It takes spring in the eastern High Atlas, north of the Tizi-n-Tichka pass. It passes close to the city of Marrakech and has its outlet into the Atlantic Ocean at the ancient fortress of Souira Qedima, around 40 km south from Safi. Its water discharge changes according to rainfall; it is one of the ten major rivers of Morocco, but frequently can be waded through even close to its outlet.
Waterquality: Affluant de Oued Tensift: Bonne, Tensift aval: moyenne, Tensift aval Marrakech: tres mauvais

Oued Ksob

Oued Ksob is a river in western Morocco that discharges to the Atlantic Ocean on a broad beach slightly south of the city of Essaouira and slightly north of the village of Diabat.

Info Oued Ksob

The river (Oued ) Ksob
The river Ksob in Diabat

The river Oued Ksob was known as Amkdour and Wad al Gared
Inlands the river is named Ingrouzar (Igouzoulane) with another flow named Oued Zeltene (Oued Ait Zeltene, Oued Aït Zeltene, Oued Zeltene, Zelten)

Barrage Zerrar

To protect the city of Essaouira from floods of the river Ksob, the Zerrar dam (BARRAGE Zerrar) is built, located about thirty kilometers from Essaouira. It will also improve the drinking water supply of the city and its region.







The Tidzi river




The Rivers