Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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The Green belt

" La ceinture verte"

The main objectives with this project is to create an ecological sustainable recreation area and control urban growth. Also to protect the dunes and the forest by stabilization of the dunes and extensive planting. Natural components involved in this project are: Winds, Dunes, Vegetations covers, Lagoons

Statement of Mrs Kawthar Gazoulit,
Landscape engineer,
UNCHS-Agenda 21 - "The Green Belt/Essaouira Park" project

In 2008 -2009, the "Green Wall" was constructed at the east border of the town Essaouira and the Dune Forest. It was part of the Green Belt project.

Green wall  in Bouhaira

In July 2012 the wall reinforced with ironbars painted in green and gold has reached Bouhaira and the pavement is laid with stones. See more pics

The Urban Park

Mao of Essaouira  Duneforest, Lagoons and the Walls Parkour The Wall

The "Green wall" is the border between the Dune Forest and the Town.
The "Red fence" was a second steel wired barrier constructed in May 2010
protecting the Lagoons but is almost vanished 2012. See pics of red fence here

The dunes and the duneforest , North and east of Essaouira is protected by the "Green Wall"
and the expansion of Essaouira town is limited to the south just at the entrance of the town
from the Expressway Marrakech.
A new town has been constructed in Ghazoua (Km 8) named Essaouira El Jadida.

Map of cow  invaded aeras
Because the work on the protection wall towards the dune forest not is completed (2012)
the North East of Essaouira - Sekkala, Tafoukt and Bouhaira is invaded by herds of cows.

Cows easting frorom hoysehold garbage
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Map of Essaouira 1895

Detail from Map Mogador 1895

Notice the gardens outside Bab Doukkala and
the vast lake system north-east with a river
reaching the beach.

Map of Essaouira 1976

Map of Essaouira from 1976

Locate this sight on the Map of Essaouira Town

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Lagoon in the forest

Lagoons Bohaira

Lagoons bohaira

Rubbish heap

Skala - Rubbish heap at the entry of the forest




Road construction work along the wall at Tafuckt

Construction of the new street along the wall
at Tafoukte 2011

The wall at lot 5



The forest and the Bohaira Lagoons
is suitable for an

Eco Friendly Tour

Arena in corner of walls meeting

The arena built in the corner where the walls meet.
The wall is about 3 km long from Skala, (Plage Safi) in the north to Errounak in the south.

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Parcour The wall

Portal in the wall

Entry to the Park 2010


Ironbars reinforces the "green belt" wall

The "green belt" wall is reinforced with ironbars
painted in green and gold.

This Avenue in Borj with lampposts and the ironfence
forms the eastern border to the duneforest.

The widening and asphalting of the streets
along the wall has changed the outlook.
The espanade Erraounak -Azlef is now available
directly from the Marrakech Expressway in the south.
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The "Red" fence with wires was built some hundred meters into the forest from the wall.
The most failed project in Essaouira history.
Just a stupid construction which annopyed everyone walking in the forest. The year 2012 most of this fence is vanished.

Fence Skala

Where the fence crosses a track
there is a hole in the fence for passage.


Fence Skala

Where the fence crosses a track
there is a hole in the fence for passage.

The year 2012 most of this fence is vanished.

Fence Skala

The first post of the fence in Skala.

The protection fence in the forest

28 december, 2010

Flamingos in the lakes of Bouhaira

Lake in the duneforest
October 2011



Green Belt