Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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L'office National des Peches has initiated development program for fishing ports in Morocco. Tafedney, Iftane, Bhibah and Tagenza are disembarkment sites in Essaouira province.


Morocco is the sardine capital of the world. Sardines represent more than 62% of the Moroccan fish catch and account for 91% of raw material usage in the domestic canning industry.

Some 600,000 tonnes of fresh sardines are processed each year by the industry. Morocco is the largest canned sardine exporter in the world and the leading supplier of sardines to the European market.

Carriying the sardines on the head

Sardines par kilo


Name of a small fishingboat (felucka).



1950 was the port of Essaouira
the most important for Sardines
in Morocco.

Essaouira port

Sardines paked in ice for transport

Still today the sardine trawlers harbours in Essaouira and it is lively in the port when they arrive. Good for everybody(Baraka) who is working with fish or boats in the port and for all the others who can have their share of this exellent food fish. .

Boy selling his sardines


Maintenance of the trawl

The crew of a fishingboat taking care of their trawl.


Small fishing boat

When the sea is in favour , meaning not so windy,
the fishermen go out with their small boats.....

Fish market

......when they are back their fish is sold in the local market


Fishing with net

Fishing in Oued Ksob with net at the ruins
of the old bridge to Diabet

Le pont Rose

A summer path for crossing the river Oued Ksob
at a foundation left of the old bridge "Le pont Rose"

Fisherman rakin in his net


Fisherman collects his  catch

Fishing at the beach

Sea fishing at the beach of the Atlantic Ocean

Fishermen returning ashore low tide

Fishermen returning ashore efter collecting mussels. Low tide.

The mussels that line the rocky sections of the coast are highly sought after in Morocco, where they are served up in tajines, or cooked with onions and lemons, and are particularly in demand during the holy month of Ramadan. So when the tide is out, the poachers scour the rocks with iron bars they use to catch the black-shelled mollusks.

Collector of Alque Rouge

Collecting mussles

Processing collected mussels

Sea food

Sea animal

Gone fishing

Low tide morning Akskis

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