Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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The Beaches

Essaouira town

Plage Tagharte
Plage Safi

Essaouira Province

Sidi Kaouki Cap Sim
Moulay Bozerktoun


Plage Iftan


Essaouira beach is classified by CNN as one of the 100 best becahes of the world.
It comes on 61th place.
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Map of Beaches in Essaouira




Summer day at the main beach of Essaouira

Essaouira bay beach
Plage Tagharte July

Dogs and children playing at the beach Plage Safi

Dogs and children playing at the beach Plage Safi

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No Dogs

No dogs


The beach " Tagharte" in Essaouira is certified with the Label Pavillion Blue

Label Pavillon Blue is an eco label attributed by the Fondation de l'Education environnementale (FEE)

The criterions for attaining the label Pavillon Blue consists of 4 families:

1. The water quality

2. Educational information about environment

3. Administration and equipment

4. Security, service and installations.

"Plages propres"


Eco Friendly Tours

Walking along the beach north of Plage Safi or south from Plage Tagharte to Cap Sim and Sidi Kaouki is easy - certainly at low tides.

Learn about: Tides in Essaouira


The water temperature

in the Atlantic ocean at the beach is 14 -18° (57-65°F)
all year round.


School class  on the beach

School class on the beach May



The beach of Essaouira a summerday. Kitesurfing
 Kitesurfing at the beach of Essaouira. Summerday.

The beach Children playing

Real time Webcam, wind & temp now

Essaouira plage

Children playing at the beach Tahgarte

The Essaouira beach Tigh tide

The beach summertime


The Beach of Essaouira Old postcard
The beach in 1940th

Old picture of the beach roads

Avenue Mohammed V

Mogador swimming

Old photo of swimming in Essaouira port


Plage Safi

Plage Safi is situated just north of the town at Sekkala.


Plage Safi
Fotball match at the beach Plage Safi

Plage Safi High Tide
High tide at Plage Safi.


Plage Safi
High tide at Plage Safi.
Plage Safi

High tide at Plage Safi.

Plage Safi

Plage Safi
Plage Safi

Low tide


Astronaut Photography of Essaouira and Cap Sim beachesAstronaout photograph of Essaouira and Cap Sim
Image courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.


The Beach

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