Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Morocco is known for its wildlife biodiversity. Birds represent the most important fauna. The avifauna of Morocco includes a total of 454 species, five of which have been introduced by humans, and 156 are rarely or accidentally seen.





Petition to boycott serpent spectacles and other abusive animal treatment along with the exploitation of Morocco’s biodiversity.


Naja haje legionis


The Forest and the Lagoons


Bird Watching

The Falcon of Essaouira  Endangered species: Eleonora's Falcon

Endangered species: Eleonora's Falcon
The Island of Mogador



The Dogs

A surviving young dog

The Cats

Help the Street Animals of Morocco endeavour to neuter, vaccinate and treat street animals in Morocco. At present HSAM work within Essaouira and its surrounding areas.




A scorpion
A scorpion


About 30 000 cases of scorpion bites
every year in Morocco

Cow and garbage container
In the town animals feed themselves
from garbage containers Bouhaira


Goats in trees

Goats in trees an exploitative scam charging tourists for taking photos of them!

Morocco tourist site where goats 'climb trees' may not be all it seems

The Telegraph 25 april 2019



Goat on a car in Bouhaira

Bulls fighting

Bulls fighting in the Lagoon forest in early morning

Cows grazing

Cows grazing north of the river Oued Ksob

A man washes a horse at the beach of Frina

Washing the horse early morning
at low tide on the beach of Frina




Dromedar feeding calf

Camelus dromedarius

Camels kissing

A dromedar

Foot steps of a dromedar in the lagoon  forest

Footsteps of a dromedar in the lagoon forest.


A dromedar in the Lagoon forest

A dromedar in the Lagoon forest

Bull in the forest

Bull in the forest

Cows in the forest
28 december, 2010

Donkey in Plage Iftane

Lizards in Argan territory

Sidi Kaouki


Lagoon Dune forest


La Faune du Maroc - The lion of the Atlas Aerial picture in the Atlas mountains

The last wild lion?
A photo taken from an aeroplane following the rally of Casablanca - Dakar.

Pictures from La Faune du Maroc

The Barbary Lion

It is said that the last wild Barbary Lion was shot
sometime around 1944 near the Tichka pass.

The Barbary Lion stamp

The Atlas Lion



Faucon from Essaouira

The Falcon of Essaouira


The black cobra

The black North Africa Cobra

One day in the summer of 2008 Aldo Berti -icon of Essaouira, saw a cobra in the Lagoon forest. He was walking there with his dog Negro and suddenly he heard a hissing sound and saw a cobra very close to him with raised head looking at him. He said it was a divine revelation.

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