Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Jewish historical places
in Essaouira

of Rabbi Nessim Ben Nessim



The synagougue Slat Lkahal opens again after 6 years of restauration ( 20-03-2018 )

Essaouira réhabilite sa synagogue Simon Attias

See pictures of newly renovated Simon Attias syagogue here below


The synagogue of Rabbi Haim Pinto is in ruin.

The synagogue Rabbi Chaim Pinto

The entrance of Synagogue Rabbi Haim Pinto. Destruction of old houses in Mellah, medina of Essaouira. See more photos here


The Jewish cemetery

The Jewish cementary just outside Bab Doukkala

The Jewish cemetery, just outside the city gates,
is extremely well kept.

Locate this sight on the Map of Essaouira Town

Jewish funeral

Un acte ancien relatant l’achat du cimetière juif de Mogador - par Lakhdar Omar


Rehabilation of the Muslim, Jewish and Christian cemeteries in Essaouira,
by initiative of  The High Atlas Foundation (Extern link) 2013

Le vieux cimetierre Juif d'Essaouira/Mogador

Le cimetière juif d’Essaouira, la mémoire d’une communauté disparue
- Par Omar Lakhdar

Réhabilitation des cimetières juifs du Maroc
Une première en terre d’Islam
De notre correspondante à Paris, Halima BELGHITI ( L'economist 20150203)



The jewish cemetary near Bab Doukala

The old Jewish cemetary to the right
before the wall was built.
In the fond Bab Doukkala

The grave of Rabbi Haïm Pinto

Essaouira is the site of an annual pilgrimage to the grave of Rabbi Haïm Pinto,died 1845. whose home and synagogue are preserved as an historic and religious site. It is situated in the Mellah. The hiloula of Haïm Pinto is held in September every year. 6/9 - 9/9) 2012


The grave of Chaim Pinto

Essaouira was founded in 1765. The oldest tombs date from 1776. These tombs are interesting. Contrary to Jewish tradition and Mosaic Law, they are sculptured with very marked human forms. These anthropomorphic tombstones sometimes bear epigraphic inscriptions and sometimes none. These monolithic tombstones are carved out of marine sandstone.

International Jewish Cemetery Project

Interesting old grave

Location of the burials of the Sages of Morocco
in Essaouira

Ribbi Avraham Knafo
Ribbi Yosseff Knafo

Source: Localisation des sépultures des Sages du Maroc (

List of sages in Mogador

List of sadekims in Mogador




Tomb of Rabbi Chaim Pinto

The grave of Rabbi Haïm Pinto in the old Jewish cemetary.
Annually, on the anniversary of Rabbi Pinto's death,
( 26 Elloul 5605, in the Jewish calendar)
Jews from around the world come on pilgrimage to pray at
the rabbi's grave in the Jewish Cemetery of Essaouira.

The tomb of Tsaddik Rabbi Yehoda Pinto

A signpost at he Jewish cementary

Old Jewish graves

Old graves

"Rabbi Haim Pinto’s reputation was so great that all Morocco resonated with accounts of his miracles and wonders, and this from his most early years."

See video YouTube: Le vieux cimetierre Juif d'Essaouira/Mogador


Haïm Pinto
(Chaim Pinto)

Rabbi Haïm Pinto (1748–1845) was the leading rabbi in Mogador.
Great Torah scholar and tzaddik


Rabbi Pinto is remembered as a man whose prayers were received in heaven in such a way that miracles resulted.

"Rabbi Haim Pinto was born in Agadir, Morocco on Tammuz 15, 5509
(July 1, 1749), on the Hilloula of Rabbi Haim Ben Attar.

He was the son of the saintly and venerated Rabbi Shlomo Pinto Zatzal, the descendant of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, known by the name of the Rif of Ein Yaakov.

Rabbi Shlomo Pinto Zatzal instructed Torah to his son, Rabbi Haim Pinto, when he was very young. Unfortunately, Rabbi Shlomo Pinto passed away in 1761, leaving behind him an orphan barely 12 years old.
That same year (1960), an earthquake completely destroyed Agadir, and numerous Jews fled and settled in Mogador (Essaouira). Rabbi Haim Pinto was to be found among the refugees. "


Rabbi Haim Pinto

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Chaim Pinto Synagogue

The entrance to the Chaim Pinto Synagogue in the Mellah.


Died 28 September 1845 at the age of 96 years, Rabbi Haim Pinto has been able to achieve one of its great and noble dream in Essaouira. The construction of a synagogue in which he spent much time in prayer to God and taught the Torah.

The Haïm Pinto Synagogue


On the ground floor the home of Haïm Pinto and the synagougue at the first floor.
See more pics below


The most symbolic subject in that synagogue is a blue wooden cabinet, called an Ark, holding scrolls containing the Five Books of Moses. It dates back to the 1800’s.

Panoramic view of Haim Pinto Synagougue (External link)

Hilloula de Haim Pinto a Essaouira 2008 







The synagogue Slat Lkahal

Slat Lkahal

News: The Slat Lhakhal synagogue in Essaouira, lovingly restored by Haim Bitton.
The inauguration will take place on 26 October 2017 during the Andalousies Festival.


Sign of the synagogue El Kahal

The Slat Lhakhal synagougue

Slat LKAHAL MOGADOR - Synagogue de la communauté (Youtube VIDEO)






Synagogue Slat Lkahal in Mellah

The synagogue Slat Lkahal in Mellah

ASL-Mogador ( A nonprofit organization with the goal of restoring and preserving the Synagogue “Slat Lkahal”, a Jewish Heritage in Mogador (Essaouira).

La synagogue Slat Lkahal - Mogador (

Synagogue Slat Lkahal (Tripadvisor pictures)

The Slat Lkahal synagouge opens again after 6 years of restauration.
(Sous les vents de Mogador VIDEO )


The Simon Attias synagogue

In Rue Laalouj in the Kasbah, we find another Jewish historical site. It is the Simon Attias synagogue. The synagogue was built in 1882. Today the door is locked and the windows covered with bluepainted boards. Unknown for most, hopefully waiting for restauration.

Simon Attias Synagogue

The Simon Attias synagogue



The Attia synagogue is one of the most representative and presigious remains of the Jewish cult in Essaouira. Built at the end of the 19th century, in Derb Alouj , just beside the former British consulate. See location on Map of the Medina and Consulates in Mogador

Interior of the Simon Attias synagouge

Interior of the synagouge Simon Attias

The building covers an area of 400 m2 patio in the centre.

The main prayer room is split into two levels with a space dedicated to women: a mezzanine was set up on three sides of the prayer room for them. The wooden altarpiece or arch (heikhal) is carved Victorian styleas it originated from Manchester during the times of intense trade between Essaouira and England.

A restauration project has begun - maybe the future museum of Judaism in Essaouira.
Source: Le Guido - le magazine d' Essaouira. Edition media business Essaouira No. 38 2013

Pictures from 2018

Simon Attias synagogue 2018

The entrance of Simon Attias synagogue 2018

Simon Attias synagogue 2018

Simon Attias synagogue 2018

At the entrance at Simon Attias synagogue there is a table with the Koran and the Tora next to each other
symbolizing the coexistens of Muslims and Jews

Mr André Azoulay

Mr André Azoulay

Bayt Dakira




Jewish star of David

Star of David with a flower in the middle.
More in symbols






The Mellah

The portal of a door in the Medina

Jewish stars on the doors to the mellah show the degree to which Jews were accepted in Essaouira,
to the point that some of the richer Jews did not even live in the mellah.

See also Symbols of doors
in Street Doors Medina



Synagougue Haim Pinto exterior

Pictures from the interior of the home of Haïm Pinto


Synagougue Haim into interior

Chaim Pinto home


Chaim Pinto home

Chaim Pinto home

Interior of Simon Attias synagouge

Interior of Simon aAttias synagouge

Interior of Simon aAttias synagouge

Interior of Simon aAttias synagouge

Interior of Simon aAttias synagouge


Hiloula of Rabbi Nessim Ben Nessim

The Jewish community celebrates Hiloula of Rabbi Nessim Ben Nessim
in the village Aît Bayyoud (Essaouira province).
It is a annual moussem in May with participation of several Jewish pilgrims,
mostly originate from Essaouira , living abroad.

Ait Biyoud (Meskala) is situated about 40 km from Essaouira.


Rabbi Nessim ben Nessim

Sign at the entrance of the sanctuary of Rabbi Nessim ben Nessim
in the village of 'Aît Bayyoud (Ait Bayoud, Ait Bayyoud, Ait Bayot).
It is situated about 40 km south east of Essaouira. Locate on map below!

ait Bayoud

The village Ait Bayoud with the sanctuary of Rabbi Nessim ben Nessim

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Moussem de Rabbi Nessim ben Nessim à Essaouira (ext links)

Essaouira: Moroccan Jews mark festival of Rabbi Nessim Ben Nessim (2014)

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Jewish historical sites

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