Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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The Christians

ARECCE  Essaouira

Help save the Essaouira marine cemetery!

An online kitty has been launched by the Association for the Restoration & Maintenance of the Christian Cemetery of Essaouira (ARECCE). This cemetery, which has housed European graves since 1865, has so far been neglected.

Entry of the Christian cementary Pax


A grave at the Christian Cemntary


The Portugeese church

The Portugeese church

In the medina near the south entry of the Scala there are the remains of the old Portugeese church

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There was also an English church in the 19th century when the commersial exchange with England was important.



The Christian cemetary

The Christian cementary

The Christian cemetary is situated
just outside Bab Doukkala.
In the background Borj el Mellah.

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Graves at the Christian cementary


The grave of Dr Charles Louis Gustave Bouveret - who lived and worked as doctor in Mogador from 1913 until his death 1948.
He was a great symbol - a saint helping all.
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The Catholic church

The catholic church Sainte-Anne of Essaouira

The church Sainte-Anne is situated in Rue al Mokaouma.

It was inaugurated by Henri Vielle 1936

Sainte Thérése

Merci a Ste Thérése



Et les cloches de l'église de Mogador continuent à sonner
Film de Abdelkoddous Mouzi 2017

And the bells of the church of Mogador keep ringing



Charles Foucauld

Charles de Foucauld (1858-1916) undertook a risky exploration of Morocco (1883 -1884) as a young man searching for God. As a priest he returned to Morocco in 1901 and stayed in Sahara, first in Beni Abbès and later at Tamanrasset among the Tuaregs of the Hoggar. He had a great respect for the culture of Morocco and the faith of muslims.

Memory plaque

There is a memory plaque at the house of the former French Consulat in Rue Laalouj
where he stayed the 28th of January 1884

" .......... January 28 1884, he reached Mogador, or at wits end, he had to reveal his identity to the consul of France who first caught sight of this rabbi who persisted in requesting a meeting. The consul would even manifest terror when he saw this rabbi approach him to talk to her Toreille. Moments later, we saw them both out and locked in a secluded room where they could talk away from any eavesdropper"

Source: Charles de Foucault et les Juifs du Maroc (


DHIMMI - A contract under domination.

The concept of dhimma that applies to Jews and Christians stipulates submissive behavior towards Muslims. The dhimmi must meet a series of prohibitions: do not carry a gun, do not ride a horse, do not build new places of worship, do not raise your voice at ceremonies or may not resemble the Muslims in their clothing. Source: En francais DHIMMI !!! (

With the support of the American Ambassadors' Fund for Cultural Preservation (ACPF), the High Atlas Foundation and its partners launched a program for the preservation and maintenance of Muslim, Jewish and Christian cemeteries in Essaouira. These sites represent actual memories of the rich multicultural heritage of this small town and all Morocco, where people of different faiths and backgrounds shared a city, a life, a job, a culture, a language. Morocco embodies the natural integration of unity and diversity, understanding the past and sharing with the world for a peaceful future.


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Lettre du Père Charles de FOUCAULD adressée à René BAZIN de l'Académie Française - Octobre 1917

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Catholic procession

Catholic procession

Air photo of the catholic church

Air photo of schools (Akensous) and the catholic church




The Christians
Association for the Restoration & Maintenance of the Christian Cemetery of Essaouira (ARECCE) (Facebook).