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Independence Day

18 November

"Eid Al Istiqlal"

عيد الاستقلال
"Fete de l'Independance"

Morocco broke free from years of French colonial rule with the return of King Mohammed V in 1956 from his exile in Madagascar and Corsica.
On November 18th, 1956, King Mohammed V proclaimed Morocco’s independence
and from then on this day is celebrated in Morocco. Independence from France and Spain.

Independence Day celebrations in Morocco constitute one of the few secular Morocco festivals , with January 11th (the Proclamation of Independence) and November 18th being national holidays in Morocco.

November 18th is also regarded as the National Day of Morocco.


2 mars 1956 "L'indépendance du Maroc"

FARMAROC : 1956 - L'indépendance du Maroc


The Moroccan people is celebrating the anniversary of the presentation of the Independence Manifesto on 11 January 1944. Local name: Takdim watikat al-istiqlal.
This is a key date in the struggle for independence and it is a turning point in the national struggle led by the Moroccan royal family and the people against the French colonization.

On 11 January 1944, the Istiqlal (Independence) Party presented a manifesto demanding full independence, national reunification, and a democratic constitution for Morocco. The manifesto had been reviewed and approved by the Sultan before its submission to the French resident general, who then dismissed its recommendations.

While Morocco did not achieve full independence until 1957, the proclamation of Independence in the manifesto is seen as a key date in Morocco's struggle for independence.

The national struggle against the French occupation started with the announcement of the protectorate in 1912. The publication of the Berber Dahir in 1930 marked the beginning of the political struggle in parallel with the armed fight.

In 1943, late king Mohammed V called for the independence of Morocco in the Anfa conference, held in Casablanca. After intensified contacts with the Royal palace and leaders of the liberation movement, came the initiative of the late Moroccan sovereign to present the independence manifesto to the occupation forces.
The French occupation decided to exile king Mohammed V and the royal family in 1953, which marked the start of new battles that went on until the proclamation of independence and concretisation of the legitimate aspirations of the Moroccan people. (

King Mohammed V

Google Doodle

Google doodle 18 November 2022 (67th anniversary of Morocco’s independence proclaimed 1956)


    Google. ma
    18 Nov 2015


    On the 18 November 2014 the national holiday in Morocco, the search engine has decided to honor Eid Al Istiqulal with a special doodle. To commemorate the 58th anniversary of the independence of Morocco, the homepage is adorned with the national colors. The site offers its users Moroccan sketch of a rider, which replaces the letter "L" of the word "Google". (

    18 Nov 2014




Independence Day
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