Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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The Green March
Eid Al Massira Al Khadra

La marche verte 1975


Morocco celebrates the 6 November 2021
- the 46h anniversary of the Green March.

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August 14

The Green March was a strategic mass demonstration in November 1975, coordinated by the Moroccan government, to force Spain to hand over the disputed, autonomous semi-metropolitan Spanish Province of Sahara to Morocco.

Up to 350,000 unarmed Moroccans joined with 27,000 soldiers marched to the Western Sahara border calling for the disputed territory to be returned to Morocco.

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"Some people qualify it as “the miracle of the century;” others as the “most striking peaceful march in human history.” But the 1975 Green March is much more than that. It is the unifying factor for a new, ambitious post-colonial Morocco."
Source: Morocco World News 6 November 2014

On October 16, 1975, the International Court of Justice ruled that the Western Sahara was not terra nullis when Spain started its occupation of the territory since 1884 and acknowledged the existence of legal ties of allegiance between the rulers of Morocco and the Sahara to reinforce Morocco’s position and that’s when the late King Hassan II urged to action.





Documentary film about the Green march from 1979


La marche verte - Le Sahara est Marocain
A nationalistic montage of images with the kings Hassan II and Mohammed V
with suggestive music.

Le Maroc et son Sahara [Histoire du Maroc | History of Morocco]

The Sahara's Forgotten War (Full Length) Vice news July 21 ,2014

Green march - Massira el Khadra 1975

The Green March

Source publication of pictures 1975

Massira el Khadra 1975

Massira el Khadra 1975

Massira el Khadra 1975

grenn march - Massira el Khadra 1975

Massira el Khadra 1975

Massira el Khadra 1975

The King Hassan II

King Hassan II

“We have to do one thing dear people and that is to undertake a peaceful march from the north, the east, the west to the south.
It behooves us to act as one man in order to join the Sahara,” King Hassan II said.

The green march on backside of a 100 Dirham banknote


32.nd anniversary of the green march

32nd anniversary of the green march



The Green March
Eid al Adha
Eid el Kebir