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Achoura ( Ashura)

Ashura in 2023 is on 28 July
(10th Muharram 1445)

10 Muharram 1446 is on July 16 in 2024

10 Muharram: Referred to as the Day of Ashurah (lit. "the tenth") was the day on which Hussein ibn Ali was martyred in the Battle of Karbala.
Shia Muslims spend the day in mourning, whilst the Sunni Muslims fast on this day commemorating the rescue of the people of Israel by Musa (Moses) from Pharaoh.

Festival of Achoura or the tenth day of Muharram.
Families traditionally gather together to have special meals
and offer zakat or a tenth of their annual income to the poor.

Taarija drums . «dakka»

Drumming, chanting, bonfires and throwing water....

Tara'ij are traditionally given to children at the Achoura Festival and they take
the celebrations to the street. Most of them are waiting in anticipation for the big day of Zem Zem. Sharing a name with a well in Mecca, children are free to spray other children and adults with water. Bonfires are lit when evening comes.

Ashura has been a day of fasting for Sunni Muslims since the days of the early Muslim community.
It marks two historical events: the day Nuh (Noah) left the Ark, and the day that Musa (Moses) was saved from the Egyptians by Allah. 

Shi'a Muslims in particular use the day to commemorate the martyrdom of Hussein, a grandson of the Prophet, in 680 CE. In Shi'ite communities this is a solemn day: plays re-enacting the martyrdom are often staged and many take part in mourning rituals.

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