Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Essaouira is the main centre of wood carvers in Morocco. Both the root and the stem from the Thuja tree is used.

The Thuya (Arar) is a tree that is indigenous in the Essaouira region.

  • Thuja (Tetraclinis Articulata)


Intarsia decoration

Intarsia citronier

Floral ornamentation known as Tawriq and geometrical combinations known as Tastir.

Auto classsic 1995

Auto Classic

1995 Thuya
Jan Kalserud

Mana Mohammed and Hmrouji Crimou in the workshop at 11 Rue Scala
They are keeping the skills of marquetry alive.
This table is made with Thuja wood with lemon tree intarsia.



Painting on wood
(The Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah Museum Essaouira)





When the Jewish community in Essaouira was strong, this market was famous for its quality output.

However, since most of the Jewish silversmiths departure, there are but a few tradesmen who still make their own jewelery.

Jewish craftsmen

Bijouterie Konouz


Plaster sculptors


More specialized silverwork from Essaouira here


Traditional jewelry

El Maati Mamado posing in traditional jewelry shop in the medina Rue Touahen





Gold and silver jewellery



Rafia fibers
Raffia is a flexible substance that is made from the leaves of palm trees. It is soft like string and has an almost papery feel to it. Its flexibility lends itself to many crafts, and it is used around the world in weaving to make items both useful and decorative.

The membrane on the underside of each individual frond leaf is taken off to create a long thin fibre which can be dyed and woven as a textile into products ranging from hats to shoes to decorative mats. Plain raffia fibres are exported and used as garden ties or as a "natural" string in many countries. Especially when one wishes to graft trees, raffia is used to hold plant parts together as this natural rope has many benefits for this purpose

L'Art des Tapis (Essaouira-Mogador) / فن الزربية الصويرية



Zellige (zillij or zellij) is terra cotta tilework covered with enamel in the form of chips set into plaster.

Learn more at Architecture Decoration



The Caftan


Histoire du Caftan (

Ship building Essaouira Port

Ship building in Essaouira Port

Preparing a steel wire  in the port of Essaouira

Fishermen repairing  rops

Boat building - Felucca

A felucca is a traditional wooden sailing boat used for fishing in Essaouira


This boat is built with pine wood. For the frame where is needed harder wood ,
Mimosa and wood from the Eucalyptus tree. Before the wood from the Argan tree was also used.


Felucca - jpoint

Joining splice with method "Jupiter" with key

Felucca buily with pine wood

Combs manudfacturer

Barber in an Outdoor market


Silver works from Essaouira

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L’Art chez les Juifs du Maroc

Les orfevres Juifs du Maroc

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Larbi’s Tannery, Essaouira









Street Art Paints
Christian Guémy

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