Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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The Colors of Essaouira


The magnificent light of Essaouira inspires visual artists.

Painters, photographers and filmmakers find Essaouira an interesting setting. The medina with its picturesque genuine look, the small fishing port and the beach of the Atlantic ocean. The colonial styled industrial quarters, historical monuments as Scala Kasbah and Dar Sultan give Essaouia Mogador an oriental appeal and charm.
The town with its people and contemporay life is very photogenic. The sea, the sun, the wind, dunes and rocks give Essaouira a special atmosphere and the light of day and night a special aura spoken of by many artists and writers.



Sand storm before rain in Jrayfat

Petit taxi from Khenifra

Petit and grande taxis are painted in the coulors of the town.
Here are some examples:

Town Colour
Essaouira Blue
Marrakech Beige
Agadir Red
Casablanca Red
Khenifra Yellow

The artists of Essaouira, are known for
their naive, colorful style of painting.

Madrasa Painting by Abdelkebir Essaouira

Essaouira 2004

The predominant symbols that appear in Berber carpets and other textiles are those that deal with fecundity of the women and the fertility of the earth itself, signals against the 'evil eye'.

Berber Carpet Colors

White colour of purity and death
Black colour of humidity and fecundity (rainclouds & fertile earth)
Red colour of protection against illness and accidents
Green colour of plant life, the Prophet, peace and good luck
Indigo colour of wisdom
Yellow colour of light, the sun and eternity


Rainbow  Essaouira

Berber flag

The Berber flag

Each color corresponds to an aspect of Tamazgha, the territory inhabited by Berbers in North Africa:
blue represents the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean;
green represents nature and the green mountains;
yellow represents the sands of the Sahara Desert.
The yaz symbolizes the "free man", which is the meaning of the Berber word amazigh, the Berbers' own name for themselves. It is in red, the color of life, and also the color of resistance.

Paintings for sale

Popular oriental motives




White houses with blue doors.

Houses with white facades.
Doors and windows are painted blue.

Name of boat

zellij detail of mosaic i

Detail of mosaic on a wall in Frina

Graffiti UM Lot5

Graffiti Ultras Mogador

Evil eye colors

RED is the color of love and blood therefore, it is associated with energy, strength, power, determination as well as passion and desire. It is the most powerful color for protection against the Evil eye.

DARK BLUE is the traditional color for good karma, positive energies and protection against the Evil Eye.

LIGHT BLUE is the color of the sky so it symbolizes truth and provides direct protection against the Evil Eye.

Mosque with abrown door

The colour of the doors of the mosques
are usually brown.....


Green door of the zaouia


Blue door of a Zaouia

and the colour of the doors
of the zaouias are green or blue.

A rasta painting

Rasta painting

ART shop medina street

Graffiti Sekala

Colorful wall in Sekala

Houses in Frina



Colored chickens

Chicken colored

Colored chickens

Flags of colors The fishing port

Nets in Essaouira port

Fishing nets in Essaouira port

Graffiti NDM Essaouira port

Graffiti NDM
Essaouira port

Blue door



Street Art Paints
Christian Guémy