Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Rural architecture


Doors and portals


Door of a house in rural village

Wooden door in a stone house
reinforced with tin from barrels.

Old wooden door to rural house

Tribal door in Aorir
Doors with beautiful decoration. Tribal Haha.
There are five pointed stars, a Moroccan national symbol,
but also 6 pointed stars (Star of David -Jewish?).
The village of Aourir in the Tidzi valley mountains.
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Essaouira Regions Smimo

Classic rectangular design of house, door and stairs.
The steel door and the portal is painted in yellow and blue with decorations. Aorir.

Painted door Tfadna


Ble painted steel door


Dar Caid Haji

Dar Caid Haji

Old door Dar Caid Meskala

Dar Caid Meskala

Dar Caid


Old buildings

Old building in Ida ougourd

Sone house with wooden doors


The riuns of Caid M´barek in Naknafa

The riuns of the kasbah Caid M´barek in Naknafa

Wall in the ruin of hotel Palmera

Bricks in the ruins of
Hotel La Palmera

Moulay Bouzerktoun


Mosque Interior Dar Caid Meltana

Interior Mosque
Dar Caid


Dar Caid Haji

Dar Caid Haji


Dar Caid Haji

Dar Caid Haji


Dar Caid Haji

Dar Caid Haji


Door Dar Caid Meskala

Dar Caid

Dar Caid Haji

Dar Caid Hadji

Old restautant building  in Tafadna


Old wall of house



Aorir Water citernes

Water citernes

Aorir Village

Houses in the village Aourir

Rural building in Tidzi valley mountains


This big house is found in the mountain aera of the Tidzi river valleys.


Old mosque

A mosque to the right and...

Old house with oven and chimnet. In the front the well

The oven with a chimney. In the front the well.

remarkable design
Remarkable design

Rural maison Route de Safi


Old countryside hous

Door in the wall

Rural house Meskala


Rural house Ain Lahjar

Ain Lahjar

House in Plage Iftane

Old house in Plage Iftane


Sidi El Jazouli


Sidi El Jazouli


Sidi El Jazouli

Village Ait Daoud
Ait Daoud

Old windows seen from inside house

Old window typic

Stonehouse in Ait Daoud
Ait Daoud

Blue door of house in Hanchane

Door of house in Hanchane

Old wall of house in Hanchane

Old door in Hanchane







Rural architecture