Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Tadelakt or Tadellakt is a bright, nearly waterproof lime plaster which can be used on the inside of buildings and on the outside. It is the traditional coating of the palaces, hammams and bathrooms of the riads in Morocco. Its traditional application includes being polished with a river stone and treated with a soft soap to acquire its final appearance and water resistance. Tadelakt is a Berber word meaning to rub.

Tadelakt in a bathroom




Zellige (zillij or zellij) is terra cotta tilework covered with enamel in the form of chips set into plaster. It is one of the main characteristics of the Moroccan architecture though it is also used in other North African and Muslim countries. It consists of geometrical mosaics made ceramic used mainly as an ornament for walls, ceilings, fountains, floors, pools, tables, etc.

By the middle-ages, the eight-point star is widely used as a symbol in Islamic art. It is called khatim or khatim sulayman, seal of the prophets, as in signet ring. The phrase “seal of the prophets” is also used in the Koran and has particular ideological meaning for Muslims. Moroccan zillij artisans also refer to the eight-point star as sibniyyah, sabniyyah, which is a derivative of the number seven sab’ah.






Salle el Menzeh Exposition ceremiques

Exposition of ceramics by Roggero Gian Giocomi
at the Salle El Menzeh (Place Moulay Hassan)


Wall decoration Frina

Mosaic beldi

Detail of Mosaic Beldi

Mosaic Beldi

Rural architecture
Design and patterns

Decoration on old door in Hanchane

Metal doors in Hanchane


Door decoration in Hancane

Decoration of door portal in Hanchane

Zellige tiles, the lovely traditional Moroccan art form,
used geometric shapes because Islam forbade human or animal figures



Moroccan Style

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