Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Old and new building technics,
material and design.

Resedential houses built in reinforced concrete

Modern building technics with ferro concrete.
in Tafoukte

Moderna buildning with appartments


New mosque minaret

The minaret of the new mosque in Bohaira

See also Architecture The Mosques


Rue Chbanat

Rue Chbanat

Stonmnet in Frinae pav
Stone pavement in Frina

Sport complex Bohaira

Sportcomplex Bohaira

The new Sport Complex at Bohaira.
The ground is sand on lake bottom.

Construction of the roof at the Sport centrum

Almost finished hoyse construction



Old buildings

Old industrial building

Old industrial building constructed with stonewalls


Sone wall

Stones supporting a corner of the wall

Stone wall

Old wall with different layers of stones

A  portal of stones in rural house

The portal of a mountain house in the Tidzi valley.
See more Rural architecture

Old window ornament


  • Building Materials

Limestone burning kiln

Limestone burning kiln

Limestone burning in a kiln processing quicklime used for whitewashing houses, buildning stone walls and for and restauration of old houses.



Mihrab of the mosque Sidi Yakoub

The mihrab of the mosque Sidi Yakoub

Ceiling of wood

Koubba Sidi Yacoub

The tomb of Sidi Jakoub and Sidi Ali Saih

The door of the Koubba Sidi Yakoub
at Djebel Hadid

Koubba Sidi Yacoub







The masonry heater

About the construction of a masonry heater in Essaouira.
Documentation at :

Wooden roof

A wall of bricks is protecting the parabols from the strong north east wind.

Interior walls of the raparts of the Medina Mellah

Interior walls of the raparts of the Medina

Wall made of natural stones  Ait Daoud





Building technics

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