Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Architectural building styles, material and design.

A marble compass

Rkhama (marble) is a marble compass at the corner of Bohaira and Azlef , a stage , from where the wall goes to Scala in the north and to Erraounak and the entry of Essaouira by the Marrakech highway in the East. The 3 km wall is marking the limit of the town towards the Duneforest and the Bohaira Lagoons.
The green belt or the natural belt is a concept used to put attention to the need of preservation of the natural reserve north and east of the town.

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The Mosques of the Medina represent the best of local islamic design.

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Street Doors of the Medina


Older buildings and monuments of interest
can be find in Essaouira and the province.


O. An industrial building from 1960

A building contructed in 1960 for O.N.E,
Office National de l´Electricité.


Dans l'invisible des trésors
reportage d'abdel Mouzi

In the invisible treasures: "It is a memorial walk of the medina. An invitation to discover what is hidden in the monuments, homes, spaces, stones of Mogador "with Professor Mina MGHARI, Historian of archetecture.
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Centre Culturel Mogador

Oscar Niemeyer in Essaouira
Before he passed away at the end of last year
he designed a cultural centre in Essaouira
(Centre Culturel Mogador)

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The Medina (the old town) and the mid 18th century walls and fortifications, the Scalas, are most famous architectural landmarks.

Port Marin
This magnificent door is the entry to the medina from the port. Its part of the Scala of the Port. Scala Marine.

The growth of the town during the 19th and 20th century involves constructions of modern buildnings representing different epochs and styles influenced by European and African culture.




The Region of Essaouira is rich of interesting buildings
adapted to the environmental supply of stones.

rural house with the walls built in stones

A rural house in the montain aera of the vally of Tidzi river.

Stonehouse in Asla Smimo

Stonehouse in Asla Smimo
Asla Smimou

Stone pillar at the road side

A road sign

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Decorated wall of house in Birkouate

The wall of house in Birkouate.
Decorated with a five point star symbolizing arab.
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L'art des riads du Maroc