Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Street Doors

Doors and Gates in the Medina

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Map of Essaouira Medina with gateways

The gateways of the Medina


Bab Doukkala

or the Safi Gate

Bab Doukkala 2010

Bab Doukkala - entry to  first floor

Bab Doukkala


Bab Marrakech

Bab Marrakech_2010

Bab Marrakech 1919

Bab Marrakech 2010

Entry to Av. Mohamed El Qouri
( Souk Ouaqa)

Borj Moulay Mohammed

The small door at Borj Moulay Mohammed
to Chabanate

Bab Sbaa

Bab Sbba 1910
Bab Sbaa was also called the Royal Gateway - Porte Royal. It is the entry to the new Kasbah and the medina Kasbah.

Bab Sbaa 1880


Bab El Menzah

Bab bel Menzah

Bab Laachour

Bab Laachour

Bab El Mersa
Scala the Port

Bab Labhar
This monumental door was ordered to be contructed by the Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah who is the founder of the modern town of Essaouira

Place Moulay Hassan

Entry through the wall to Place Moulay Hassan.
In the fond is Bab Laachour

Doors of Houses
The Medina


3 neighbour doors in Boukher


Ahl Agadir

Traditional Medina

A brown door

5 doors

Most doors are painted blue or brown
but there are other colours too.

A green door

Green, red and white door

Moroccan coulours on this old door
in Derb ahl Agadir (Dar Demana)

See also Zaouias


Zaouia Al Hamdouchia

The Zaouia of Hamadcha
The Zaouias have green doors and are religious places.

Door of a mosque

The doors of the mosques are usually brown.

See also Mosques

Symbols on doors

Traditionaldoor with a portalof stones

A traditional door in the medina
with a portal in building blocks of stone
decorated with patterns and symbols.

symbols on doors

A selection of symbols, carved in sandstone
on the portals of doors in the medina.

Intepretation of the symbols.

1. The Star of David, a Jewish home. Under the star, two symmetrical elements, which symbolizes the living couple in this house, but having the form almost as a scorpion to move away the bad eye and the evil.

2. With the Rose with four petals, this house belongs to Christians. At bottom in form of two signs, face to face, symbol of love of thoose which lives this house.

3. Without star and religious membership, Two interlaced sheets which symbolize love of the couple owner of the house and in the medium the incipient flower which symbolizes their offspring.

4. Five snakes guards in top and an eye in lower part, It is a Muslim house since the five is crowned for them and the snake protects from the evil eye in lower part, plus two other symmetrical snakes which symbolize the couple residing in this residence and which keep between them the Star with five branch points of Islam.

5. A flower with five petal and seven sheets on the stem, symbol of a Muslim family.

6. A Rose with eight petals Arab, thus Muslim, and with two symmetrical animal forms symbolizing love of the living couple in this house.

7. The Star of David marks the presence of an Jewish family. With two identical and symmetrical forms which symbolize the couple.

8. The date in the middle; an eye to stop the evil eye, With two identical and symmetrical sides from the same family.

9. The Rose with eight petals, thus Arab and Muslim, with two branches of symmetrical olive-trees which symbolize that the couple which saw lives peacefully. The olive-tree being the symbol of peace or a couple which triumphs insofar as these branches are carried by the winners in reward.

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Port Mohammed Layachi

Rue Mohammed Layachi.

Porte Mechouar

Interior gateways of the medina.

The gateway oclocktowerf the Magana -

Bab Magana

The Gateway of the clocktower - Magana
is the old entry to the Kasbah of the medina.
"The Porte Royal"

Mechouar 1912

Mechouar 1912

Porte Mechouar detail

Symbol door

Symbol door



The Mosque Ben Youssef and the old gate to  theKasbah

The old gate to the Kasbah at the place of the big Mosque Ben Youssef.


Bab Doukala old

Bab Doukala old postcard

Bab Doukala

The Safi gateway




The muslim cemetary outside the Bab Marrakech

The moorish cemetary outside Bab Marrakech

Bab Narrakech

Bab Marrakech

Bab Marrakech



Bab Sbaa

Outside Bab Sbaa 1912

Bab Sbah

The lions gate

Caravans unloading outside the Lions Gate

Bab Sbaa -inside view 1889



The three doors

The three gates



The marine gate

The marine gateway

The marine gateway the year 1900



The door to Scala the kasbah 1910

The Scala gateway 1910

The Mechour door

Mechouar 1912








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