Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Riuns in Mellah

Ruined houses in the Mellah

Finest floorboards of Thuja are taken away
from the old abandoned houses
and the walls fall apart.

Wall of a house in Mellah almost  falling apart!



The climate in Essaouira with its strong winds, high humidity and salt in the air cause considerable damages on buildings.

The ramparts and the houses close to the sea in the Mellah are exposed of progressive coastal erosion.
Decayed buildings and other things left in a neglected state give the town a special look
and that has tourists and the film industry discovered. Essaouira is photogenic.

Corner of O.N.E biuilding

The corner walls of O.N.E
building in the industrial zon.

House in Frina with an ecellent sea "vu sur la mere"
House in Frina with a sea view




Street sign Ibn Zohr

The street is named from the famous Arab muslim Ibn Zuhr, who was physician in Sevilla where he was born and where he died in 1161.


Old factory in the Industrial quarters

Ruined older sardin factory near the sea
is decayed and filled with sand.





Old school building

Old school building


The materials and the contructions of wastewater drains
are exposed for damage and are collectors of garbage.
There has been severe problems with floods in the streets with insufficient drainage. Ongoing projects in Essaouira is aiming of solving this problem.

A rusty door

A rusty door in the industrial quarters

Broken brick window at the entry of the port
-near the meteorogical station.





Haddada Famous closed shap

Balcony windows

Window repairs


Windows Industry blocks Abandoned


Tire orotecting open manhole