Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Essaouira Mogador Airport

Inaugurated in 1998

Map of location of Essaouira Mogador Arport
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Essaouira Mogador Airport is situated at 16 kilometres
distance of the town of Essaouira.

Aero[port Essaouira Mogador

Flights to and from
Essaouira Mogador (Updated: 19-02-2015)

  • Transavia France
    The Flights Transavia Paris (ORY)- Essaouira (ESU)
    PARIS Orly7:40 AM departure arrival Essaouira 10:10 AM
    Essaouira departure 11.00 AM arrival PARIS 03:20 PM.
    PARIS Orly departure 7:40 AM arrival 10:10 AM Essaouira
    Essaouira departure 11:00 AM arrival PARIS 03:20 PM

  • EasyJet Flights from London Luton LTN to Essaouira
    starts in May 2015



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Taking Photographs and filming at the airport require special authorization. See: ONDA

Facts about the airport

Airport Data:
Position 31°23´51"N, 009°40´54"W,
Longitud: 9° 40' 54'' W
Latitud: 31° 23' 51'' N
Elevation 117m (383ft)

Airfield Data
Navigational Aids: VOR-DME
Orientation : 16/34
Length : 2.607m
Width : 45m
Receives it : B737

Surface: Bituminous,tar,or asphalt mixed in place, oiled

Aircraft's parking :
Surface : 12.000m ²
Capacity : 2 B737

Terminals lay out and capacity :
Air terminals :
Surface : 3000m ²
Capacity : 300.000 passengers / year

Traffic 2008 :
Aircraft's movements : 1.287
Passengers : 28.969

Airlines Serving Airport: Royal Air Maroc
Ryan Air

Alternative airports:
Agadir - Al Massira (AGA)
122 km
Marrakech-Menara (RAK)
158 km

Aeroport Essaouira Mogador
Tel: +212 (0)24 476704
Fax: +212 (0)24 476705

Car parking lot :

A nonpaynig car park is at the disposal of the travellers with a capacity of 100 cars and 4 buses.

  • Special facilities for Passengers
    with Reduced mobility
    Access ramps - assistance
  • Prayer room
  • Medical help

The Boeing 737-800 pax is the biggest airplane that can land on Essaouira Airport.
A jumbo Jet as Boeing 747 need a landing strip of 10,893 ft (3,320 m).The runway of Essaouira Mogador Airport is today 6890 ft (2600 m)



LIMA Bus Essaouira

A bus service runs from the airport to Essaouira approximately every 2 hours during the day and taxis are available at arrivals.




Sketch of terminal uilding at the Essaouira Mogador Airport



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Essaouira Mogador airport action plan

To allow medium-haul flight reception and processing, in security and quality environement, conditions recommended by international civil aviation authorities, National Airports Authority, ONDA has programmed the following action plan:

* New air terminal construction
* Airport infrastructures developement, allowing reception of A319 Airbus aircraft type without load restriction. For this purpose, it was necessary to have a 2500m length and 45m width take-off runway.

* New passengers air terminal construction, allowing traffic processing in normal quality service and safety conditions. The new air terminal will approximately have a 3000m² surface and will process a peak hour of 300 passengers. Current air terminal will be remodeled into a lounge and an administrative building; The air terminal will be served by a new access road and a 200 slots parking lot.


[FullHD] Powerfull Takeoff! Royal Air Maroc Boeing 737-800(WL) at Geneva/GVA/LSGG 

Spitfire 1998 Sculpture of Thuya wood


1996 Scale: 1:36 , 25 x 32 cm
Root of Thuya - Frensh polish
Jan Kalserud


Essaouira is the main centre of wood carvers in Morocco. Both the root and the stem from the Thuja tree is used.

The Thuya (Arar) is a tree that is indigenous in the Essaouira region.

Read more about Craftmanship and Art in Essaouira.





Argan nuts processed by woman

Another tree special for Essaouira region is the Argan - from which nuts the coveted argan oil is extracted.


Last update: February 19, 2015




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